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Monday, February 14, 2011


We are now using xWarp. It gives more flexability and requires us to give different perks to different groups.

Heres the new commands:

Additional Commands
/warp to [creator] - Warps to (Only if you have permission to)
/warp createp - Creates a private warp

In the original mod it is implemented by /warp pcreate

/warp createg - Creates a global warp
/warp message [creator] - Sets the welcome message for to .

In the original mod it is implemented by /warp welcome

/warp update [creator] - Updates the position of warp .
/warp help <#> - Show help page #. If no page is provided it will show the first.
/warp list legend - Prints the legend for the colors in the list.
/warp list [#] - Prints the number of warps created by the given player.
/warp global - Makes a warp global.
/warp reload - Reloads the database.


/warp + → /warp create
/warp +p → /warp createp
/warp +g → /warp createg
/warp - [creator] → /warp delete [creator]
/warp ls [name] [#] → /warp list [name] [#]
/warp ? → /warp help
/warp msg [creator] → /warp message [creator]
/warp * [creator] → /warp update [creator]

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